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Hey! I'm Globins! I like editing here because I really like language, although you might not be able to tell based on this mess of a user page.

I particularly like etymology, so I spend a lot of my time on etymology sections, and I'm usually pretty detailed with my edits there. My feeling is that there's no reason to redirect people to other pages for more detailed etymology info—it's not like running out of space is a concern. I also know a lot about phonology because a few years ago I spent a while learning about the phonology of tons of random languages for no reason (guess what: it's useless). However, I now speak IPA better than Spanish. Something else I've always wanted to do is learn a really uncommon language (e.g. Samoan, Kusunda), which would be useless but pretty cool.

Also, notice that my Babel box says I can understand Hebrew script. I don't speak a word of the language, but I can pronounce it as long as it's got vowels (which it doesn't, usually). It's about as useful as it sounds.

I'm usually a big perfectionist with my edits, which often means that I go to a page to fix one thing and then end up adding etymologies for every language on the page or something like that. My favorite part about Wiktionary is that when I edit I get to learn about languages while also contributing (albeit minutely) to something that's useful to other people. Here are my contributions, in case you're interested. Feel free to talk to me on my talk page if you have comments about my edits, have anything to say, or just want to talk (although if you're looking for someone to talk to, I'd recommend looking somewhere other than Wiktionary).

Globins (yo) 21:46, 24 October 2020 (UTC)

What I'm working onEdit

Recently, I've spent a lot of time removing deprecated templates from entries in Category:etyl_cleanup. It's incredibly tedious, but I usually get to edit incomplete etymologies while I'm doing it, so it's not that awful. Category:etyl_cleanup has like 30 subcategories in it and I'm still on letter A of the first one (Category:etyl_cleanup_no_target/language) and I'll probably die before I finish but it's ok guys someone please make a bot wait what if I make a bot how do I make a bot

Another thing I've been doing recently is looking at the logs for recently deleted entries and writing down the ones that I think might be attestable. A lot of pages get created out of good faith but are deleted for not following the entry layout procedures, even if we really should have an entry for that word.

Some ideasEdit

I don't really like when people use their user pages to just list all their opinions about Wiktionary policy because it feels kind of self-important to me. Instead, here's a list of ideas you may not have thought about.

  • I really wish that language sections that don't exist showed up as redlinks, or at least that there was some way to know which languages are missing on a specific page. EDIT: apparently in preferences there's an option to enable this exact thing (OrangeLinks).
  • Our situation with categorization is kind of an issue because of how incomplete or redundant many categories are. For example, ideally, we should have all English suffixes categorized as either productive or unproductive, but these categories are very incomplete. And what's the difference between rare terms, rare forms, and terms with rare senses?
  • People might create entries more often if it was easier to create citations. This isn't a complaint because I don't have a good solution, but it's a thought that I had a lot when I was trying to find citations for ludomusical, ludomusicality, etc.
  • Etymology pro-tip: if you can't find the etymology you're looking for, try checking if it's on a different language version of Wiktionary.

Other things to doEdit

Write a usage notes section for keysmashEdit

Note to self: do this when you have the chance. I'm sure there's a source out there that explains the pattern we instinctively know, which is that some keysmashes are preferable to others depending on character frequency (e.g., "asdhsfjalkds" is better than "kxhyei84r0hcxur").



Go through and add those "Wiktionary's coverage of [language] terms" things to language pages that don't have emEdit

Sometimes it's annoying to find the category page for a language.

Remove etylsEdit

there are I think 10000+ pages that have {{etyl}}. which is nice, if you're into that sort of thing

Add Gamelan-Related EntriesEdit

Gamelan is a Javanese percussion ensemble thing that I read about a while ago. I was trying to look at some Wikipedia pages about it but discovered that many of them are literally incomprehensible unless you're a gamelan expert, which, unfortunately, I am not (yet‽). We have very few entries for gamelan terms, so it's really just not possible to understand all those Wikipedia pages unless you speak Javanese or something.

Learn how to make templatesEdit

I really really want to know how to do this. Examples include adding something to {{User time zone}} that says what time it is for that user (a big priority of course) (yes I'm aware I don't even have that template on my page). There's definitely more useful stuff I could do with the ability to make templates, like making a Samoan verb template, which will definitely come in handy when I learn Samoan.