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Hey what's up, thanks for visiting la casa de Globins. If you're here because you want to know who I am and you're still reading after my egregious intro and comma splice you're in luck because past me wrote all this stuff under the impression that people might care and I decided not to delete some of it. In case it's not already clear, my birth year starts with a 2, which I think makes me a lot younger than your average editor here. I'm probably not as dumb and amateurish as you would think, though; I think I've read Wikipedia's entire body of linguistics articles and sometimes I also read linguistics papers. You're probably not convinced but I promise I only write like this on this page because it's how I talk, and I'm actually pretty good at writing when I want to be (you'll notice that most of the incorrect grammar on this page is punctuation-related; young people use punctuation online in a way that seems almost like intonation markings to me, which I find fascinating and I'd love to talk about it with anyone who's interested. this page has a great explanation but is by no means all-encompassing.)

My favorite thing to do here is adding or improving etymologies and trying to trace them as far back as possible (not to brag but check out angary). Sorry about not citing my sources for a lot of the old ones though. Feel free to hit me up on my talk page if you want to fight or something (not rly, I'm pretty cooperative) or want to know about how younger speakers use words, which is probably my only relatively unique area of knowledge. I've been pretty inactive recently (college be like that), but I'll probably be back once I get bored of my current procrastination tactics.

Globins (yo) 07:56, 29 March 2022 (UTC)

(General American) /ˈɡlɑˌbɪnz/, [ˈɡɫäˌbɪnz] (Inland Northern American)

hi edit

Here's a trimmed-down version of the stuff that used to be on this page:

I've been editing here since high school when I saw this Tumblr post about weird English words and proceeded to add a definition and etymology for yerd (unfortunately that definition is no longer with us). I can read and write in Spanish almost not badly but I couldn't have a conversation in it because my speaking skills suck. (I speak IPA better than Spanish.) One of my goals is to someday learn some random uncommon language just cuz (e.g. Samoan, Kusunda), but that'll have to wait until after I can speak passable Spanish. I also for some reason have retained the ability to read Hebrew script from Hebrew school when I was younger. I don't speak a word of the language, but I can pronounce it as long as it's got vowels, which it doesn't, usually. So that's cool, I guess.

What I'm working on edit

Recently (as in last year when I was more active), I've spent a lot of time removing deprecated templates from entries in Category:etyl_cleanup. I'm fully aware that this will probably be done automatically sooner or later, but I usually get to edit incomplete etymologies while I'm doing it, so I kind of like it. I'll probably die before I finish though but whatever I guess

Some ideas edit

I don't really like when people use their user pages to just list all their opinions about Wiktionary policy because it feels kind of self-important to me. Instead, here's a list of one idea because I deleted all the rest. (the fact that past me did not see the irony in calling people self-important while having this huge-ass user page is really funny which is why that sentence is still here)

  • Our situation with categorization is kind of an issue because of how incomplete or redundant many categories are. For example, ideally, we should have all English suffixes categorized as either productive or unproductive, but these categories are very incomplete. And what's the difference between rare terms, rare forms, and terms with rare senses?

Other things to do edit

Write a usage notes section for keysmash edit

Note to self: do this when you have the chance. I'm sure there's a source out there that explains the pattern we instinctively know, which is that some keysmashes are preferable to others depending on character frequency (e.g., "asdhsfjalkds" is better than "kxhyei84r0hcxur").

Citations edit


Go through and add those "Wiktionary's coverage of [language] terms" things to language pages that don't have em edit

Sometimes it's annoying to find the category page for a language.

Remove etyls edit

there are I think 10000+ pages that have {{etyl}}. which is nice, if you're into that sort of thing

Add Gamelan-Related Entries edit

Gamelan is a style of Javanese music. I was trying to look at some Wikipedia pages about it once but discovered that many of them are literally incomprehensible unless you're a gamelan expert, which, unfortunately, I am not (yet‽). We have very few entries for gamelan terms, so you're out of luck unless you speak Javanese or something. (please no one fix that Wikipedia page I love it so much)

Learn how to make templates edit

I really want to learn how to do this. Examples include adding something to {{User time zone}} that says what time it is for that user (a big priority of course) (yes I'm aware I don't even have that template on my page). There's definitely more useful stuff I could do with the ability to make templates, like making a Samoan verb template, which will definitely come in handy when I learn Samoan.