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Aphorism 51 of We Philologists by Nietsche:

When we examine the history of philology it is borne in upon us how few really talented men have taken part in it. Among the most celebrated philologists are a few who ruined their intellect by acquiring a smattering of many subjects, and among the most enlightened of them were several who could use their intellect only for childish tasks. It is a sad story · no science, I think, has ever been so poor in talented followers. Those whom we might call the intellectually crippled found a suitable hobby in all this hair-splitting.

The forgotten ones

Certain templates, headers, etc. haven't seen much attention lately, which is not to say that there is anything wrong with them.

Japanese frequency lists

I've put together some pages with word frequencies and kanji frequencies. I made them using the Japanese Wikipedia, so it may not accurately reflect all registers. In particular, the main frequency list has a heavy focus on history.

Japanese lemmas


Inflected forms

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