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Jeff Q as a Dimension

My primary wiki work is on en:Wikiquote (where I am a sysop) and en:Wikipedia. Please see my user pages there for more information. You can post Wiktionary discussions on my talk page here. Even if I'm not active here, I'll get the message. I reply to issues here on appropriate Wiktionary talk pages, and to Wiktionary users on their talk pages (with a copy on mine for reference).

Lately, I've been spending most of my Wiktionary time on adding sourced, fully cited quotations (preferably as old as I can find) to existing entries. This parallels my sourcing work on both Wikiquote and Wikipedia.


Entries I've createdEdit

Obviously, to paraphrase John Paul Jones, I've not yet begun to write.

Neologisms to watch forEdit

These are newly-coined terms I find intriguing, but whose reliable evidence for widespread use is inadequate (last time I checked).


  • coulda shoulda woulda (or any of its other 5 permutations)
    • An colloquial interjection expressing regrets over missed opportunities
    • May or may not include commas, creating 12 textual variations
    • Doesn't really belong in any of individual entries for coulda, shoulda, or woulda
    • Doesn't seem to be a single preferred permutation
    • Google Book Search shows 6,200 hits (as of 4 October 2010), including many works whose titles are different permutations, so it's well-established in the English language

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