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grc-1 Ὅδε ἐγκυκλοπαιδειουργὸς ὀλίγον ἀρχαίως Ἑλληνιστὶ γράφειν οἷός τ’ ἐστίν.
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This user has used Wikipedia and Wiktionary for years, but only started editing Wiktionary after noticing some gaps in the etymology of taxonomic names. Given her botany background, she's actually equipped to fix some of that, and is delighted for the opportunity to do so. She mostly plans to stick to Wikignoming, though. She finds it awkward to talk about herself in the encyclopedic third person.

She's also quite new to editing Wiktionary, and doesn't know its editing conventions and shortcuts well at all. If she screws up, please let her know! She'll appreciate the opportunity to learn and to fix her mistakes.

To do edit

Useful code snippets edit

  • "Derived from" template:
    {{der|mul|grc|ἐρυθρός||red}} = "Ancient Greek ἐρυθρός (eruthrós, red)"
    • Multiple words: {{af|la|vacca|-aria|t1=cow|t2=pertaining to}} = "vacca (cow) +‎ -aria (pertaining to)"
  • Photo box: [[Image:Filename.JPG|thumb|Caption goes here.]]
  • Inline interwiki links:
    • Wikipedia: {{pedia|i=1}}
    • Wikispecies: {{specieslite|i=1}}
    • Commons: {{comcatlite|i=1}}
    • USDA PLANTS: {{R:USDA Plants|CALTH}}
    • ITIS: {{R:ITIS|18453|i=1}}
    • Catalogue of Life: {{R:COL|17736337|i=1}}
    • Encyclopedia of Life: {{R:EOL|37737|i=1}}
    • NCBI: {{R:NCBI|3448|i=1}}
    • The Plant List: {{R:TPL|i=1}}
    • Tropicos: {{R:Tropicos|i=1}}
  • Side-box interwiki links:
    • Wikipedia: {{wikipedia}}
    • Wikispecies: {{wikispecies|Caltha palustris}} or just {{wikispecies}}
    • Commons: {{commons}}