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Gandhigiri n
  1. (India) The practice of Gandhism (the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, encompassing tenets such as non-violent activism), often expressed through unorthodox forms of activism such as depositing flowers or planting trees.

PointingHand.svg Today is Gandhi Jayanti, a national festival celebrated in India to mark the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi in 1869.

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  • I am often watching the recent changes at Wiktionary.
  • Occasionally I transwiki articles that are more appropriate for Wiktionary.
  • I hope to help my fellow Wiktionarians develop policy.

Contact Information:

  • If I am online, you may leave a comment on my talk page. Please be sure to sign your comments with ~~~~.
  • If am not online, you may still leave a comment on my userpage, but it may be some time before I answer.
    • If the notice is concerning vandalism, it may be in your best interest to click the "Intervention" button and leave a notice there.
  • If you would like to leave a private message, you may email me.
  • I am frequently in the IRC channels. Below is a list of several channels:

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  • I only have a few uploads at this point. They concern my recent trip to the Balkans, specifically Bulgaria & Greece.
  • I hope to move into categorizing images and making sure the best quality image are being used in other WikiProjects.


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  • I am an administrator on English Wikipedia. I am happy to help with any legitimate action request; however, please be sure you offer support for your request. Note the indicator above; if you see a red stoplight and "I'm out", then I am not currently online; if you leave a message, your request will not be answered until I return. If you are requesting an action regarding a specific user, please use the {{vandal|Username}} template. For more information, please read my administrator action policy.
  • Click here to check out my contributions.
  • Click here to check out my edit count.

I am Psy guy on several other Wikimedia projects. I am most active on the English Wikipedia, Simple English Wikipedia, and English Wiktionary.

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