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Sonaris has studied in various countries of the world and is multi-lingual.

He graduated from Vienna International School, Vienna - Austria, and went on to graduate from the Hotelfachschule in Bad Hofgastein and Schloss Klessheim, Salzburg - Austria with summa cum laude.

He furthered his academia by studying management, finance and economics at a post-graduate level from Cornell, an Ivy League school, and is particularly interested in geo-politics and history with an emphasis on its politico-economic implications on the sub-continent.

Media AppearanceEdit

Sonaris has appeared as an political, economic & finance analyst on several TV Shows and is based in Pakistan. (References are omitted for privacy purposes only.)


Sonaris is an avid audiophile and started his music collection in 1968, and has accumulated over a 1000 LP's and now several thousand CD's. He plays guitar and drums and is particularly interested in Jazz and Lounge Music.