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Hello there. Just join Wiktionary. Will be working mainly on Malay translations, but if needed I can work on other languages I understand.

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Word of the day for February 24
logrolling n
  1. (US) The rolling of logs from one place to another; an occasion when people meet to help each other roll logs.
    1. (US, lumberjacking) The act of balancing on a log floating on a river to guide it downstream, often involving rolling it using one's feet; birling.
    2. (US, sports) A sport in which two people balance on a log floating in a body of water, each one aiming to cause the opponent to fall off by rolling or kicking the log.
  2. (US, politics, figuratively) A concerted effort to push forward mutually advantageous legislative agendas by combining two items, either or both of which might fail on its own, into a single bill that is more likely to pass.
  3. (US, figuratively) Mutual recommendation of friends' or colleagues' services or products, such as book recommendations in literary reviews.

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