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Utah teapot


A modern rendering of the Utah teapot model.


After the University of Utah, whose researcher Martin Newell designed the model in 1975.


Utah teapot (plural Utah teapots)

Wikipedia has an article on:
  1. (computer graphics) A three-dimensional mathematical model of a teapot, often used as a reference object to test or assess a rendering technique.
    • 1996, Alyn Rockwood, Peter Chambers, Interactive Curves and Surfaces: A Multimedia Tutorial on CAGD
      The preceding figure shows the Utah teapot, a popular benchmark for surfaces. The teapot is textured by a random polka-dot pattern.
    • 2003, Stanley Osher, Nikos Paragios, Geometric level set methods in imaging, vision, and graphics
      Figure 23.7 demonstrates our smoothing operator applied to a preliminary 3D scan conversion of the Utah teapot.
    • 2004, Saty Raghavachary, Rendering for Beginners: Image Synthesis Using RenderMan
      At the RfB site you will find the complete dataset for the Utah teapot and Gumbo. You are encouraged to use them in your own RenderMan renders...