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Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language, 1909, is a public domain dictionary, as is also the revised 1913 edition. These dictionaries have been vastly used to expand Wiktionary with more definitions.

These dictionaries were published by the G. & C. Merriam Company of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Wikification structureEdit

The exposition order is alphabetic, after beginning with pronunciation:

1. Pronunciation

2. Adjective

3. Adverb

4. Noun

5. Pronoun

6. Verb.

They use a first-level title (i.e., ==Pronunciation==).

In the verb, include imp., p. p., p. pr. and vb. n. forms.

Intransitive and transitiveEdit

In verbs, there is a separation between intransitive and transitive forms, using a second-level title (i.e., ===Intransitive===).


There are two different lists of abbreviations depending on the type.

More dataEdit

One can add more data to the word indicating synonyms, crossreferencing synonyms, citations, related terms and derived terms. Some certainly needing more data can be found at Category:Requests for quotation by source

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