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From Mandarin Yuè ( for the modern sense; or in the ancient sense)


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  1. The modern Sinitic language which includes Cantonese (Canton) dialect. ISO 639-3: yue
    • 1989, S. Robert Ramsey, The Languages of China, page 98:
      The Yue dialects are popularly known as the Cantonese dialects. [...] The speech of Canton City, which is Cantonese in its narrower sense, is the best known and most generally esteemed of the Yue dialects.
    • 2000, George L. Campbell, “YUE (Cantonese)”, in Compendium of the World's Languages, page 1793:
      One form of Yue—that of Canton—has provided an umbrella term for the whole [language] complex—Cantonese.
  2. People who speak Yue, such as the Cantonese and Taishanese
    • 1989, S. Robert Ramsey, The Languages of China, page 98:
      If there is a well-defined subgroup of the Han Chinese today, it is the Yue.
  3. Any of several ancient Tai peoples of what is now Guangdong province, or their languages




  1. (ceramics) Yue ware, a southern Chinese style of celadon-glazed stoneware

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