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Alternative formsEdit


Blend of absolutely +‎ positively



absatively (not comparable)

  1. (informal) Absolutely and positively.
    • 1917 November, Green, Fitzhugh, “Amusing Fifty Thousand Men: Another Avenue for Government Control”, in J. W. Greenslade, editor, United States Naval Institute Proceedings, volume 43, number 11, page 2538:
      Any old reels will do, comedies, tragedies, weekly reviews (dating back to the fall of Sumter)—“posalutely absatively” anything will do!
    • 1994, Marcinko, Richard, Rogue Warrior II: Red Cell, New York: Pocket Books, →ISBN, OL 20939336M:
      Worthingham Washington Lewis told me he was absatively, posolutely ready for us: “We've got the scenario, and my men are raring to go, Captain.”
    • 2005, Gaiman, Neil, Anansi Boys, →ISBN, OL 23274122M, page 278:
      “No. Absatively out of the question.”
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:absitively.

Usage notesEdit

See absitively.