advice animal



advice animal (plural advice animals)

  1. (Internet) A photograph of an animal or human captioned with quotations typical of a stereotype or stock character. The background of the original image is often replaced with a colour wheel.
    • 2009 March 28, Author, Advice Animals are the greatest epic fad of all time, MTG Salvation Forum:
      Advice Animals are the greatest epic fad of all time [pics]
    • 2009 July 17, Richie McNuggets, A list of Memes yet to be submitted., Know Your Meme:
      — Mixing advice animals i.e. half a courage wolf quote with half an emo dog one. theres a ton of these.
    • 2010, March 25, Cole Stryker, A Guide to Foul Bachelor Frog, 4chan's Funniest Advice Dog Spinoff, urlesque:
      Among the Advice Animal memes popularized by 4chan and Meme Generator, Bachelor Frog (aka Foul Bachelor Frog) occupies a unique "it's funny because it's true" space.
      Whereas other advice animals (animal heads that give two-line directives), such as Advice Dog and Courage Wolf, emphasize over-the-top humor, Bachelor Frog relies on nuance familiar to anyone (especially dudes) who's ever lived alone. That naturally makes him the perfect internet mascot.
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