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after- +‎ think


afterthink (third-person singular simple present afterthinks, present participle afterthinking, simple past and past participle afterthought)

  1. To think about after the fact, reflect on.
  2. To repent, or feel remorse for; to regret.
    • 2005, John Long, Drugs and the 'Beats': The Role of Drugs in the Lives and Writings:
      Do not afterthink except for poetic or P.S. reasons. Never afterthink to "improve" or defray impressions, as the best writing is always the most painful personal wrung-out tossed from cradle warm protective mind – tap from yourself the song of yourself, blow! – now! [...]
    • 1870, Theodore Percival Wilson, Frank Oldfield; or, Lost and found:
      Never fear," said her husband ; " there, sit you down and mend your stockings, and the less you heed us the less you'll have to afterthink."