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anti- +‎ communism

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anticommunism (usually uncountable, plural anticommunisms)

  1. Opposition to communism.
    • 1978, Richard Nixon, RN: the Memoirs of Richard Nixon[1], Grosset & Dunlap, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, →OL, page 47:
      In the main, anticommunism in postwar America meant opposition to the kind of dictatorial state socialism that existed in Russia and that many Americans saw as a negation of everything America stood for. In the 1946 campaign, for example, when I talked about the "communist-dominated PAC," my remarks were generally understood in this context of dictatorial socialism versus free enterprise.

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  • Of the alternative forms, anticommunism is most common, followed by anti-communism and anti-Communism.[1] Merriam-Webster lists all three variants[2] and so does Cambridge.[3] Collins only lists anticommunism.[4]

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