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antīquitās f (genitive antīquitātis); third declension

  1. antiquity (ancient times)
  2. the good old days
  3. the ancients
  4. age
  5. integrity


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative antīquitās antīquitātēs
genitive antīquitātis antīquitātum
dative antīquitātī antīquitātibus
accusative antīquitātem antīquitātēs
ablative antīquitāte antīquitātibus
vocative antīquitās antīquitātēs



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    • ancient history: antiquitatis memoria
    • to go back to the remote ages: repetere ab ultima (extrema, prisca) antiquitate (vetustate), ab heroicis temporibus
    • Cato's speeches sound archaic: orationes Catonis antiquitatem redolent (Brut. 21. 82)
    • to be of noble family: generis antiquitate florere