aorist tense


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aorist tense (countable and uncountable, plural aorist tenses)

  1. (grammar) A grammatical category in some languages expressing perfective aspect and past tense of verbs; the aorist.
  2. (grammar, especially) A set of verb forms in Ancient Greek featuring the grammatical category.
    • 1857, Joseph Gouge Greenwood, The Elements of Greek Grammar, London: Walton, OCLC 14720246, page 94:
      Of the Aorist Tense, as of the Perfect, there are two distinct forms: the older form, commonly called the Second Aorist; and the more recent, commonly called the First Aorist
    • 2002, Erwin Penner, A Guide to New Testament Greek, Toronto: Clements, →ISBN, page 42:
      Simple past time is expressed by the aorist tense! The aorist tense describes the past action as a total event viewed in its entirety.