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Middle EnglishEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Old English āscung, āxung (asking; question; inquiry); equivalent to axen +‎ -ing.


  • IPA(key): /ˈaskinɡ/, /ˈaksinɡ/


askynge (plural askynges)

  1. The act of asking; query or inquiry:
    1. Asking for a boon, favour, or reward; supplication.
    2. Asking for something in prayer; supplication of a divinity.
    3. (rare) Repeated questioning or asking.
  2. The taking of a legal action; litigation or a legal case.
  3. A command or requirement; the act of demanding.
  4. (rare) An excessive or forceable exaction.
  5. (rare) A charge or tariff on goods.
  6. (rare) The placing of criminal charges upon someone..


  • English: asking
  • Scots: asking, askin