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attend to (third-person singular simple present attends to, present participle attending to, simple past and past participle attended to)

  1. To serve; to satisfy someone's needs as a servant would; to wait on.
    Synonyms: service; see also Thesaurus:serve
  2. To diligently work on; to pay attention to.
    Synonyms: heed; see also Thesaurus:pay attention
    You should attend to your studies if you plan to succeed in the exams.
    • 1947 January and February, “Notes and News: Drivers' Reprisals”, in Railway Magazine, page 53:
      Some ten years ago, an evening excursion train from the Walsall area to Manchester, when travelling well over the heavily-graded Walsall-Rugeley line, was brought to a stand at a level crossing at Hednesford by the tardiness of a gatekeeper, who was pottering about in his garden instead of attending to his duties.

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