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Borrowed from French avant la lettre (literally before the letter).

Prepositional phraseEdit

avant la lettre

  1. (idiomatic) Before the term was coined. The term being a word or phrase used just previously in an anachronistic way.
    Suffragettes were feminists avant la lettre. (the word "feminist" did not exist during their era)
    • 1998, Dominik Declercq, Writing Against the State: Political Rhetorics in Third and Fourth Century China, page 341:
      as St Francis of Assisi was recently discovered to be an ecologist avant la lettre
    • 2007, Joan DeJean, The Essence of Style: How the French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafes, Style, Sophistication, and Glamour, page 107:
      a work with a title that is a marketing dream, pure Julia Child well avant la lettre: Le Cuisinier français, The French Chef.
    • 2010, Stefano Evangelista, The Reception of Oscar Wilde in Europe, page 65:
      One might even advance the case for Wilde's being a celebrity avant la lettre, famous partly for being famous
    • 2015 February 27, Laura Kipnis, “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe”, in The Chronicle of Higher Education[1]:
      You have to feel a little sorry these days for professors married to their former students. They used to be respectable citizens—leaders in their fields, department chairs, maybe even a dean or two—and now they’re abusers of power avant la lettre.

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From a caption added to an engraving to describe the drawing.



avant la lettre (invariable)

  1. (literally, engraving) before lettering, before letters; proof engraving, proof before letters
    Antonyms: après la lettre, avec la lettre
    épreuve, gravure avant la lettreprint made before the caption is added
    Cette estampe a fait l'objet de cinq tirages avant la lettre.
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  2. (figuratively) avant la lettre (before the term was coined)
    C'était un écologiste avant la lettre.
    She was an environmentalist before the term existed.

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