babe in the woods


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From the ballad "The Children in the Wood"


babe in the woods ‎(plural babes in the woods)

  1. (idiomatic) A person who is innocent, naive, inexperienced, or helpless.
    • 1908, Stewart Edward White, The Riverman, ch 11:
      "Orde, you're all right on the river," said Newmark, with a dry little laugh, "but you're a babe in the woods at this game."
    • 2008, Jake Niall, "‘Weakest link’ no more, Harry shows he's tailor-made," The Age (Australia), 8 Sep. (retrieved 23 May 2009):
      Taylor is aware of the perception that he is the innocent, exploitable babe in the woods of the Geelong defence.



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