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back +‎ box


backbox (plural backboxes)

  1. (pinball) The rear upright section of a pinball machine, usually incorporating the score display.
    • 1960, Billboard (15 August 1960, page 69)
      The game is made exclusively in the new-type Williams cabinet design (a longer, lower styling with pedestal-mounted backbox).
    • 1997, Gary Flower, Bill Kurtz, Pinball: the lure of the silver ball
      Backbox animation was a steady attraction during the 1950s.
    • 2005, Kevin Strasser, The PinBotz Guide to the Greatest Pinball Machines of the 80s and 90s, page 50:
      As if all of that were not enough to make this game special, it also comes with a board game in the backbox. Accomplishing success in the board game is about as important as playing good pinball toward achieving good scores (and it is the easiest way to get tokens to spit out at you).