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From barallar.



baralla f (plural baralles)

  1. quarrel (heated dispute)
  2. (card games) pack (of cards)



  1. third-person singular present indicative form of barallar
  2. second-person singular imperative form of barallar

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13th century. From Hispanic Medieval Latin baralia (dispute, discussion, quarrel, litigation) and baraliare (to plead, to sue),[1] of unknown origin.[2] Given its presence in local toponimy in composition with the element -bre (from Proto-Celtic *brixs, "fort; hill") it probably proceeds from a pre-Roman substrate of Iberia.



baralla f (plural barallas)

  1. quarrel, disorder, uproar
  2. (dated) talk
    Con xente que non coñezas non gastes moita baralla; porque, se a gastas, dirá que algo de xuízo che marra
    With strangers don't be too verbose, because, if you do, they'll think that you lack some good judgement
    (folk song)
  3. (dated) conflict
    • c. 1300, R. Martínez López (ed.), General Estoria. Versión gallega del siglo XIV. Oviedo: Archivum, page 53:
      começauã ja avíj́r entre elles contẽdas et barallas [sobrelas] herdades et gãados que criauã
      there was beginning to be contentions and conflicts between them because of the properties and cattle that they bred
  4. deck (of cards)

Usage notesEdit

With the meaning "deck of cards", the Spanish loanword baraxa is usually used instead of baralla.

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