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Etymology 1 edit

From Middle English berkyng, berkande, equivalent to bark +‎ -ing.

Verb edit


  1. present participle and gerund of bark
    Synonym: (now rare) latrant
Derived terms edit

Adjective edit

barking (comparative more barking, superlative most barking)

  1. (British slang) Clipping of barking mad.
    Synonyms: three stops short of Dagenham; see also Thesaurus:insane
    He’s going to run the marathon in this hot weather dressed as Donald Duck – he must be barking!

Etymology 2 edit

From Middle English berkyng, berking, berkynge, equivalent to bark +‎ -ing.

Noun edit

barking (plural barkings)

  1. The action of the verb to bark.
    Synonym: (now rare) latration
    • 1905, John Masefield, Sea Life in Nelson's Time:
      Old pigtailed seamen would tell of horseshoes found in the meat casks; of curious barkings and neighings heard in the slaughter-houses; and of negroes who disappeared near the victualling yards, to be seen no more.
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