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From beach +‎ head.


beachhead (plural beachheads)

  1. (military) An area of hostile territory (especially on a beach) that, when captured, serves for the continuous landing (or movement into position) of further troops and material
  2. (by extension) An initial success that ensures the possibility of further advances in a project; a foothold.
    • 2002, Moshe Yegar, Between Integration and Secession: The Muslim Communities of the Southern Philippines, Southern Thailand, and Western Burma/Myanmar, Chapter 2:
      Muslim influence in Arakan was of great cultural and political importance. In effect, Arakan was the beachhead for Muslim penetration into other parts of Burma even if it never achieved the same degree of importance it did in Arakan. As a result of the close land and sea contacts maintained between the two countries, Muslims played a key role in the history of the Kingdom of Arakan.


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