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From Middle English bērdlēs, from Old English beardlēas (beardless), from Proto-Germanic *bardalausaz (beardless), equivalent to beard +‎ -less. Cognate with Scots berdles (beardless), Saterland Frisian boartloos (beardless), West Frisian burdleas (beardless), Dutch baardeloos (beardless), German Low German baartlos (beardless), German bartlos (beardless).


beardless (comparative more beardless, superlative most beardless)

  1. Lacking a beard.
  2. (by extension, of a male) Not having reached puberty or manhood; youthful.
    • 1596 Shakespeare, King John, Act 4, Scene 1
      shall a beardless boy,
      Cocker'd silken wanton, brave our fields,
      And flesh his spirit in a warlike soil,
      Mocking the air with colours idly spread,
      And find no check?
  3. Destitute of an awn.
    beardless wheat

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