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bed check (plural bed checks)

  1. (chiefly US) In a dormitory, as in the military or at a childrens' campground or in a boarding school, an inspection after bedtime by authorities to ensure that everyone is present and in his or her bed.
    • 1982 Aug. 1, Frank Litsky, "Giants' Camp Stirs Variety of Emotions," New York Times (retrieved 27 July 2014):
      Pro football training camp means different things to different people. . . . [T]he printed schedule runs from wake-up call at 7 A.M. to bed check at 11 P.M.
    • 2010 Aug. 8, Ed Vulliamy, "Jimi Hendrix: 'You never told me he was that good'," The Guardian (UK) (retrieved 27 July 2014):
      His military career was marked by . . . a report which read: "Individual is unable to conform to military rules and regulations. Misses bed check: sleeps while supposed to be working."
    • 2012 Dec. 20, "FBI offers $50K reward in Chicago jail escape," USA Today (retrieved 27 July 2014):
      The FBI said surveillance footage from a camera near the Metropolitan Correction Center shows Kenneth Conley and Joseph Banks getting into a cab at about 2:45 a.m. Thursday — about two hours after guards were supposed to do a bed check.