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From be- (out, over, across) +‎ give. Compare Dutch begeven (to give up, forsake), German begeben (to issue, endow), Danish begive (to go), Swedish begiva (to proceed, start for, go).


begive (third-person singular simple present begives, present participle begiving, simple past begave, past participle begiven)

  1. (transitive) To give out; give of oneself; issue; endow; administer; transfer.
    • 2004, Communion,
      How am I begiving? To whom do I begive and why? What is the quality of my begiving? How willing am I to begive? How much? To what extent?
    • 2010, Chris Worth, Captain Jeans and the Quest for Keith,
      Maria was forever to begive her begivings to the loathsome imposter who’s waddling skulk had haunted her. Thus life nourishes death and as the witch died so did she.
    • 2012, aprylne, Pour le patient: aprylne's blog: Lets Talk About Handbags:
      Return to the original beautiful dream world, this is the season to begive you a perfect attempt.

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