From Middle English bischilden, from Old English bescyldian, bescieldian ‎(to shield, defend), equivalent to be- +‎ shield.


beshield ‎(third-person singular simple present beshields, present participle beshielding, simple past and past participle beshielded)

  1. (transitive) To shield around or about; protect; defend.
    • 1876, Torquato Tasso, The Jerusalem delivered of Yorquato Tasso:
      Beshield thee with thy troops; find out at will Fresh instruments of war, and unknown gear; For thou shalt not scape death from this my hand, O slayer of the dames, so brave and grand.
    • 2004, Robert Thornton, The Prose Life of Alexander:
      [...] that in that same night Olympia might behold the god Hamon lying beside her, and saying to her thereafter, 'Woman, thou hast conceived him who shall beshield thee.
    • 2006, Percy Grainger, Malcolm Gillies, David Pear, Self-Portrait of Percy Grainger:
      Of course I was frightened — frightened of being struck, or beshamed, during the next tone-show — so cast about for someone to beshield me.