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From Old Swedish bethydha, from Middle Low German beduden, equivalent to be- +‎ tyda.[1] Cognate with Danish betyde, Norwegian Bokmål bety, Norwegian Nynorsk bety, German bedeuten, Vilamovian bydȧjta, Luxembourgish bedeiten, Dutch beduiden, older bedieden, Limburgish beduuje, Saterland Frisian betjuude and West Frisian betsjutte.

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  • IPA(key): /bɛ¹tyːda/
  • (file)

Verb edit

betyda (present betyder, preterite betydde, supine betytt, imperative betyd)

  1. to mean (convey, signify, indicate)
  2. to mean; to be of importance (for someone)
  3. to mean; to result in

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