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From be- +‎ wizard. Compare bewitch.


bewizard (third-person singular simple present bewizards, present participle bewizarding, simple past and past participle bewizarded)

  1. (transitive) To influence by, or as though by, a wizard or wizardry.
    • 1890, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, The Methodist review quarterly - Page 154:
      Samuel Peters not only forged a whole code of the most absurd "laws" that Christendom has ever seen, but he seemed to "bewizard" the whole subject, so that even sober historians, in exposing his forgeries, have found themselves guilty of gross violations of truth.
    • 1898, John William De Forest, A lover's revolt:
      "[...] May God and your conscience reward you." Asahel went forth under a spell. He had talked with one of those men who are born to bewizard other men.
    • 2007, Arthur Edward Waite, The Occult Sciences - Page 131:
      In the days of this mystical weighing and measuring, the scales may be truly said to have fallen from the eyes of a bewizarded generation, and to have revealed "sorcery and enchantment everywhere."