From bliss +‎ -en (verbal suffix).


blissen (third-person singular simple present blissens, present participle blissening, simple past and past participle blissened)

  1. (transitive) To make blissful or happy; fill with or impart bliss to
    • 1840, Henry Wright, Retrospective Sketch:
      True goodness infallibly blissens the bosom in which it assumes an influential position.
    • 1860, Anne Bowman, Esperanza: My Journey Thither and what I Found There, page 314:
      All solemnly and thankfully
      I feel its blissening power
      As ringing out victoriously.
    • 1846, The American Whig Review, volume 3, page 377:
      I very unceremoniously hid her in my heart and took her to my room to blissen my dreams.
    • 1969, Robert Owen, The New Moral World, volume 8, page 375:
      Why the immense self-pleasure that mental culture would afford, and the blissening consciousness of doing good with it to those around him.