Alternative formsEdit


From en- +‎ bliss.


enbliss (third-person singular simple present enblisses, present participle enblissing, simple past and past participle enblissed)

  1. (transitive) To endue or fill with bliss; impart bliss to; make happy.
    • 1783, Henry Fielding, Arthur Murphy, The Works of Henry Fielding:
      Oh, how I will kiss thee, How I'll embliss thee, When thou art a-bed with me!
    • 1911, William Bittle Wells, Lute Pease, The Pacific Monthly:
      Its beauty was so fine, so high enblissed, My heart ached for the mystery that it missed.
    • 2002, Gary Sernovitz, The Contrarians:
      In the world to come, Christopher Kelch would serve truth in his actions, and truth would fill him and own him and enbliss him and conquer every blood cell, every doubt, and redden every unbinary gray.