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blocked (comparative more blocked, superlative most blocked)

  1. Obstructed, so that through movement or flow is prevented or impeded.
    This road is blocked, so we must find another route.
    Call a plumber to unclog the blocked drain.
  2. Unable to move owing to an obstruction.
    The argument was over a blocked car in a driveway.
  3. (of a person, telephone number, IP address, etc.) Banned or barred from connecting or logging on.
    Blocked users will be unable to access their accounts indefinitely.
    The phone will reject calls from blocked numbers.
  4. (of a computer account or similar) Disabled or disconnected, so as to prevent access.
    All of this user's accounts are now blocked.
  5. (Ireland, slang) Drunk
    • 2019 January 4, “'Drunk' Co Tyrone teenager smashed car into solicitor's office in Dungannon”, in The Irish News[1]:
      McKenna was found to be heavily intoxicated, and after caution he swore and replied: "I'm blocked."

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  1. simple past and past participle of block

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