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bril (plural brils)

  1. A unit of luminance equal to   candela per square metre.
    • 1993, Course notes - Volume 22, Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics, OCLC 38697848, page 7-7:
      In the experiments, the brightness in brils was measured as a function of luminance for various adaptation levels of the eye.
    • 2005, Erik Reinhard, ‎Greg Ward, ‎Sumanta Pattanaik, High Dynamic Range Imaging, →ISBN:
      Here, Q is brightness (or perceived luminance), measured in brils.
    • 2012, Julie Dorsey, ‎Philipp Slusallek, Rendering Techniques ’97, →ISBN:
      Tumblin's model aims to match a perceived quality known as brightness, measured in brils, so that the real world brightness and display brightness can be equated.
    • 2014, William Ross McCluney, Introduction to Radiometry and Photometry, Second Edition[1], page 360:
      many of the old units-such as the nox, phot, glim, skot, and scot (identical), as well as the bril and brill (different)—are so antiquated as to be of interest only to the historian.

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From Middle Dutch beril (beryl), from Latin beryllus (beryl), from Ancient Greek βήρυλλος (bḗrullos), from Prakrit, from Sanskrit वैडूर्य (vaidurya, a cat's eye gem; a jewel), from Dravidian. Probably named after the city Velur (modern day Belur) in southern India. The first glasses, manufactured in Italy around 1300, were made of beryl. The meaning "toilet seat" is younger and derived from the similarity in shape. The word forms a doublet with beril (beryl).


  • IPA(key): /brɪl/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɪl
  • Hyphenation: bril


bril m (plural brillen, diminutive brilletje n)

  1. pair of glasses
  2. toilet seat



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bril c (plural brillen, diminutive briltsje)

  1. glasses

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  • bril (I)”, in Wurdboek fan de Fryske taal (in Dutch), 2011