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bum +‎ -tastic


  • IPA(key): /bʌmˈtæstɪk/
  • (file)


bumtastic (comparative more bumtastic, superlative most bumtastic)

  1. (Britain, Australia, slang) Having shapely and appealing buttocks.
    • 1999 October 10, PCBH Digest, “PCBH Digest V2 Edition 1008 - 10 Oct 1999”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Leaving the dramas and protests of Wentworth, Bea seems in paradise at the Barnhurst rural retreat, happily getting to know the charming Mrs Roberts, Barnhurst's version of Vinegar Tits played by Gerda Nicolson with auburn hair and a funny accent, and reacquainting herself with the bumtastic Marie Winter and with her new cell-mate Tracey Morris (Wow! Continuity!!)
    • 2003, Chris Horrie, Tabloid Nation: The Birth of the Daily Mirror to the Death of the Tabloid, André Deutsch (2003), →ISBN, page 221:
      [] exposés of domestic British fascism and pictures of bumtastic Kylie Minogue in her underwear advertising free pop CD giveaways.
    • 2008, Emily Dunn & Elicia Murray, "Bigger and bigger beat at the bay", Brisbane Times, 4 August 2008:
      Phillips performed as a clown in the circus show, and introduced the company's Russian gymnasts to a new word, describing his costume as a cross between bumtastic singer Jennifer Lopez and an Oompa Loompa from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.