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carry the mail

  1. (chiefly US, idiomatic) To work diligently; to serve as the principal performer of a demanding task or set of tasks.
    • 1986 Jan. 8, Keith Schneider, "Agriculture Chief to Quit: Reagan Hails Block Tenure," New York Times (retrieved 5 March 2014):
      "My objective was to carry the mail for the President, working with the Congress, forging that new bill."
    • 2011 April 12, Kent Wilson, "Sidney Crosby's historic season," (retrieved 5 March 2014):
      To say the Pittsburgh Penguins are a top-heavy club is an understatement. . . . The club is therefore completely reliant on Crosby and Co. to carry the mail up front.
    • 2012 June 28, "Dallas Cowboys," Sports Illustrated (retrieved 5 March 2014):
      The coaches will say, "We have two starters at running back," but the guy who'll carry the mail is DeMarco Murray.

Usage notesEdit

  • Usually used in sport contexts.

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