cat-sit (third-person singular simple present cat-sits, present participle cat-sitting, simple past and past participle cat-sat)

  1. Alternative form of catsit
    • 1972, Lavinia Russ, A high old time: or, How to enjoy being a woman over sixty, page 194:
      If you are a cat lover, you can cat-sit for a season in some spiffy house or apartment.
    • 1990, Lilian Jackson Braun, The Cat who Talked to Ghosts, page 227:
      Polly Duncan has a new kitten and I agreed to cat-sit, but he turned out to be a wound-up, hyperactive, jet-propelled maniac!
    • 2014, Janine Ashbless, Cover Him with Darkness, page 25:
      Suzana was off to the Burning Man festival this year and wanted me to be home in time to cat-sit, though she'd tried not to hint too broadly.