cat sit



cat sit (third-person singular simple present cat sits, present participle cat sitting, simple past and past participle cat sat)

  1. Alternative form of catsit
    • 1968, May Eustace, The Royal Cat of Siam: The Complete Book of the Siamese Cat:
      When they go out an attendant is sometimes engaged to cat sit so that the cat won't be lonely.
    • 1978, Sociology: Women, Men and Society, page 88:
      For instance, if Kelly wants Shannon to "cat sit" while Kelly is on vacation, Kelly could do something to help Shannon.
    • 1990, Warren Eckstein, Fay Eckstein, The Illustrated Cat's Life, page 43:
      If you can't get someone to cat sit for you, the options are to give your cat to a cat-loving friend to look after, or to put him in a commercially run boarding kennel.