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catch the bus



Originated on the Internet newsgroup.


catch the bus

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see catch,‎ the,‎ bus.
  2. (euphemistic, chiefly Internet) To kill oneself deliberately; to commit suicide.
    • 2000, "(unknown)", catching the bus tonight..... I hope..... (on newsgroup
      I have the tools for catching the bus, just not the nerve. Soft suicide I can do. Take some pills, no problem. But never do I succeed that way.
    • 2004, "everwestward", Is suicide contagious? (was Re: Favorite Songs) (on newsgroup
      If anyone's curious, here's a song my band recorded (totally raw... it never made it out of the studio). A friend of mine caught the bus, and this was my way of saying "Peace."
    • 2010, Michael F. Clark, Life By Suicide, page 116:
      Anyway at the end of my day, I decided to give him a call because the worse thing that would happen is that I would have to catch the bus.
    • 2011, Jake Vander Ark, Lighthouse Nights
      this wasn't the first time he spoke of suicide--this was a suicide chat room after all []
      00sexboy00: tonights[sic] the night to catch the bus john! u been crying u pussy? ur slanty eyes are all red!
      john squeezed them shut and nodded.
      gabe wanted to reach a hand through the monitor to comfort his friend. but all he could do was type.