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Ceres +‎ -ology.


cereology ‎(uncountable)

  1. The investigation of or practice of creating crop circles.
    • 1990, in New Scientist, v.128 Oct-Dec, page 61
      […] the array of experts who have collaborated to found the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and co-author The Crop Circle Enigma, the parents of cereology […].
    • 1991, "It Happens in the Best Circles", Time, Sep 23, 1991
      A new scientific discipline, cereology, emerged. It is practiced by members of the Circles Effect Research Unit, a privately funded group […].
    • 1991, "Editorial Notes", The Cereologist, 5, quoted in Gordon Stein, The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal (1996), page 185
      The result of all this has been to throw the world of cereology into a state of total confusion.
    • 2003, Colin Andrews, Stephen J. Spignesi, Crop Circles: Signs of Contact, page 29
      The world needed to be educated about the mysteries of cereology, and that knowledge base had not been disseminated widely enough for my more "unusual" theories to be accepted, […].

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