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châtelain (plural châtelains)

  1. Alternative spelling of chatelain.
    • 1875, Alexis Muston, translated by John Montgomery, The Israel of the Alps. A Complete History of the Waldenses and Their Colonies; Prepared in Great Part from Unpublished Documents. [], volume I, London: Blackie & Son, [], page 130:
      The edict of the Duchess Iolande, in 1476, enjoining the châtelains of Pignerol, Cavour, and Lucerna, to cause all the Vaudois of the Italian Alps to return within the pale of the Catholic Church, could not but affect in some measure those on the right bank of the Po; []
    • 1894 April, C. R., “Île de France and Picardy.—IV.”, in The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science & Art, volume LVIII, number 1510, New York, N.Y.: The Evening Post Publishing Company, published 7 June 1894, page 425, column 1:
      The châtelains of the tenth and eleventh centuries were not the same officers as those who are found in the latter part of the eleventh and later.
    • 1922, Frederick Treves, The Lake of Geneva, Cassell and Company, Ltd, page 227:
      The Dictionnaire Historique gives a list of the châtelains of Glérolles from 1812 to 1798.
    • 2017, Matei Cazacu, translated by Nicole Mordarski, Stephen W. Reinert, Alice Brinton, and Catherine Healey, edited by Stephen W. Reinert, Dracula, Brill, →ISBN, page 102:
      And so, in the autumn of 1456, he proceeded manu militari to expel the men Hunyadi had set in place, except for the châtelains of Făgăraș, firmly entrenched behind their walls.

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Inherited from Old French chastelain, castelain, from Latin castellānus. By surface analysis, château +‎ -ain. Doublet of castillan, a borrowing from Spanish.

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  • IPA(key): /ʃa.tlɛ̃/, /ʃɑ.tlɛ̃/
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châtelain m (plural châtelains, feminine châtelaine)

  1. someone who lives in a castle
  2. (obsolete) lord of the manor

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