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chesspiece (plural chesspieces)

  1. (chess) Alternative spelling of chess piece
    • 2000, Rick Wallach, Myth, legend, dust: critical responses to Cormac McCarthy:
      Sacrifice is one of the essential metaphors of the Trilogy, and here, the sacrifice of the chesspiece foreshadows that John Grady will later give his life in avenging the death of the woman he loves.
    • 2008, Franklin Knowles Young, Chess Strategetics Illustrated:
      The Queen, for instance, is termed the " strongest," or the ** most powerful" of the chesspieces
    • 2008 November 13, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 hours in Lisbon[1]:
      This tower [Torre de Belem] resembling an oversized chesspiece is another architectural wonder of the same era

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