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Not known with certainty, but likely from one of the various forms of "to eat" in the Sinitic languages, such as Cantonese 饎飯饎饭 (ci3 faan6).



chifa m or f (plural chifas)

  1. (South America) A Chinese restaurant.
    • 1997, Matilde Artés and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Crónica de una desaparición: la lucha de una abuela de Plaza de Mayo [Chronicle of a Disappearance: the Fight of a Grandmother of the Plaza de Mayo]:
      Tenía muchas expectativas, de modo que para aliviar las tensiones, esa noche me reuní con Juan y con sus hijos para cenar en una chifa.
      I had many expectations, so in order to relieve the tension, that night I joined Juan and his children for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
  2. Peruvian Chinese cuisine.

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