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Scottish GaelicEdit


cinnt +‎ -ach



  1. certain, sure, confident, positive
    Bha Seumas cinnteach gun robh an trèan a' tighinn. - James was certain that the train was coming.
  2. certain, sure, actual, confident, definite
  3. accurate, authentic, veritable

Usage notesEdit

  • The preposition à (às before the definite article) or the appropriate prepositional pronoun is used to express "sure of" etc:
    Tha mi cinnteach à ceartas an tagraidh. - I am certain of the justice of the claim.
    Bha sinn cinnteach às an toradh. - We were sure of the result.
    Tha iad cinnteach asta fhèin. - They are confident of themselves.


Derived termsEdit