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clam +‎ shell


clamshell (plural clamshells)

  1. The shell of a clam.
  2. A dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam.
  3. In foodservice, the white, usually styrofoam box given to consumers with take-out food.
  4. Any object that has a hinge on one edge and two surfaces that close together.
    • 1988, PC Mag (volume 7, number 17, 11 October 1988, page 93)
      You'll find a mix among clamshell laptops for strong laps, lunchboxes, and sewing-machine configurations; the latter two designs typically have detachable keyboards.
  5. (music) An amphitheater, especially an outdoor amphitheater; the semi-circular acoustic backdrop behind and above the performers.



clamshell (not comparable)

  1. similar to the operation of a clam's shell, having a hinge with two sides closing together
    It's a clamshell antenna.

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