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Alternative formsEdit


Blend of clue +‎ two-by-four


clue-by-four (plural clue-by-fours)

  1. (informal, humorous, figuratively) A notional weapon used to knock sense into the clueless.
    • 1993, Anonymous, Re: Recent Events from the Horseman,, [1]
      If I think they're a jerk who's using a march to show how cool and open minded they are, I pull out the ol' clue by four.
    • 1998, TCurryFan, Re: Carlos and Ashley?,, [2]
      Nah... I'm not gonna waste a good clue-by-four on someone with no brain...
    • 2003, Willow Polson, The Veil's Edge: Exploring the Boundaries of Magic, page 152:
      Sometimes the magic "clue-by-four" is so obvious that even your oblivious rock-headed uncle picks up on it.