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collaborate +‎ -ive

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  • IPA(key): /kəˈlæb.ə.ɹə.tɪv/
  • Hyphenation: co‧llab‧o‧ra‧tive

Adjective edit

collaborative (comparative more collaborative, superlative most collaborative)

  1. Of, relating to, or done by collaboration.
    No need to thank me - it was a collaborative effort.

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Noun edit

collaborative (plural collaboratives)

  1. (management) An organized group of people or entities who collaborate towards a particular goal
    • 1895, (no by-line), "In The Halls of Learning: Columbian University", The Evening Times (Washington, DC) (19 October 1895, page 2) -- this appears to be a unique usage; very difficult to find non-adjectival uses prior to the 1970s
      In the literature class, which is conducted by Prof. George J. Smith, lately of Central High School, and which is a collaborative of Dr. Farquhar's course, the students are pursuing their new course.
    • 1976, (no by-line), "Educational collaborative to hire full-time executive", The Birkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts (19 June 1976, page 6)
      Concern over possible conflict between their collaborative and one set up a year ago ....
    • 2004, Ann Page, Keeping Patients Safe[1], →ISBN, page 153:
      These collaboratives would consist of a team of managers, researchers, and consultants from a variety of organizations whose aim would be to better understand problems in effective health care management []
    • 2018, Applied Clinical Trials Editors, “CTTI Selected to Support FDA Efforts to Increase Patient Engagement”, in Applied Clinical Trials:
      This collaborative aims at discussing ways in which patients can participate in the FDA's regulatory discussions about medical products.

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French edit

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  1. feminine singular of collaboratif

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  1. feminine plural of collaborativo