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comic +‎ -al



comical (comparative more comical, superlative most comical)

  1. (archaic) Originally, relating to comedy.
    It was a comical performance.
  2. Funny, whimsically amusing.
    The tutor excelled in comical scoldings.
  3. Laughable; ridiculous.
    He's just put salt in his tea instead of sugar. What a comical error!
    • 2016 January 30, "Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination," The New York Times (retrieved 30 January 2016):
      Mr. Sanders has scored some rhetorical points against Mrs. Clinton for her longstanding ties to Wall Street, but she has responded well, and it would be comical to watch any of the Republican candidates try to make that case, given that they are all virtually tied to, or actually part of, the business establishment.


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