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Perfect passive participle of cōmō (arrange; dress).



cōmptus m (feminine cōmpta, neuter cōmptum); first/second declension

  1. brought together, formed, framed, constructed, arranged, having been arranged
  2. (usually of hair) taken care of, cared for; combed, dressed, braided; having been dressed
  3. (in general) adorned, decked, dressed, ornamented, having been adorned


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative cōmptus cōmpta cōmptum cōmptī cōmptae cōmpta
genitive cōmptī cōmptae cōmptī cōmptōrum cōmptārum cōmptōrum
dative cōmptō cōmptō cōmptīs
accusative cōmptum cōmptam cōmptum cōmptōs cōmptās cōmpta
ablative cōmptō cōmptā cōmptō cōmptīs
vocative cōmpte cōmpta cōmptum cōmptī cōmptae cōmpta


cōmptus m (genitive cōmptūs); fourth declension

  1. band, tie, headdress


Fourth declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative cōmptus cōmptūs
genitive cōmptūs cōmptuum
dative cōmptuī cōmptibus
accusative cōmptum cōmptūs
ablative cōmptū cōmptibus
vocative cōmptus cōmptūs


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    • well-ordered, well-brushed hair: capilli compti, compositi (opp. horridi)