Appendix:Latin fourth declension


Latin words of the fourth declension are generally masculines or, less commonly, feminines in -us and neuters in . The genitive is in -ūs.


Masculine or Feminine -us formEdit

Citation form: manus, -ūs f

Case Singular Plural
nominative man-us man-ūs
genitive man-ūs man-uum
dative man-uī man-ibus
accusative man-um man-ūs
ablative man-ū man-ibus
vocative man-us man-ūs
locative man-ū man-ibus

Neuter -ū formEdit

Citation form: cornū, -ūs n

Case Singular Plural
nominative corn·ū corn·ua
genitive corn·ūs corn·uum
dative corn·ū corn·ibus
accusative corn·ū corn·ua
ablative corn·ū corn·ibus
vocative corn·ū corn·ua
locative corn·ū corn·ibus

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